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Earn the extra $500,000 you deserve

We help technology professionals prove their value with data to unlock promotions and raises

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  • Bigger raises
  • Faster promotions
  • Accomplish more in less time
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Don't miss your promotion

You’re writing great code and shipping features. Why haven’t you been promoted yet? Your boss had a career conversation with you last year, but nothing is happening. Why did another engineer get promoted first?

Why is my raise only 0.5%? Your base salary isn’t even keeping up with inflation. It’s just enough that your manager can say you’re getting more but it feels like your compensation is going backwards. You’re a top performer but your pay doesn’t reflect your skill.

Get bigger raises and faster promotions. Learn how managers handle raises and promotions. Our tools make it easy to build your case and make sure your manager knows you’re ready to promote. Better communication, backed with data, will set you apart from peers. Bigger raises and a promotion 1 year earlier can add up to hundreds of thousands of extra dollars.

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Build Productive Habits

Daily, Weekly, Monthly reminders to focus on impact. Make the most of your time with productive tasks over busy work.

Stand Apart from Peers

Present your story to managers in a concise, powerful way that shows you are at the top of your game and deserve top rewards.

Stronger Resumes and Interviews

Own your performance data across your entire career. Build stronger resumes and interview stories with your accomplishment archive.


  • Simple Task Tracking - Quickly enter important tasks
  • Categorize Accomplishments - Add categories to group accomplishments
  • Accomplishment Archive - Own your career data, saved to the cloud.
  • Roll-Up Reports - Elevate important accomplishments to weekly and monthly reports
  • Share Reports - Send weekly, monthly and custom reports as email, text and JSON
  • Personal/Work Spaces - Track personal and work accomplishment in separate spaces
  • Category Guidance - Recommended task categories for maximum performance ratings
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reminders - Optionally receive email reminders to keep positive momentum
  • Project Tracking - Track project status items over time to inform leadership
  • Career Network - Connect with other rising stars and build your professional network to accelerate your career


Yes. And that's how most people start. But Tech Level 7 allows you to save a richer set of data, search and sort items and keep a synchronized copy in the cloud. You get daily, weekly and monthly reminders to keep you on track and finding all of your actions from the past week or month is automatic so you can easily elevate the right items to a report.

Tech Level 7 is more than just a list of text. It's a system that makes it easier to save data and the knowledge of what type of data is best to capture. It's also a community of professionals who want to achieve more too. The tools, the knowledge, and the network make Tech Level 7 so much more than a text file.

Your manager doesn't know what you do everyday. You know what you do, but it's easy to forget a lot of accomplishments at performance review time. Writing things down daily builds data to justify bigger raises. Your manager will use data from your reports in calibration sessions to prove to other managers why you deserve a higher performance rating and a bigger raise.

Using our system, technology professionals can get higher performance ratings. Higher ratings can mean the difference between a 0.75% raise and a 1.75% raise. Higher ratings and logging the recommended categories of accomplishments can easily land promotions 1 year earlier than without. Bigger raises and faster promotions compound over time and can easily mean an extra $500,000 in compensation.

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Yes! If you are committed to using Tech Level 7 for 90 days and are unsatisfied with the results, we will make it right or give a 100% refund.

The benefits of using our system compound over time. The earlier you are in your career, the greater the compounding effect you'll receive. If you're making less than $100,000 per year in total comp, we recommend our Starter plan to keep your cost low until you've built some experience. Once you're over the $100,000 threshold, the Professional plan has more features to leverage.

This is a member's only area where you can network with other people growing their careers. There are only so many large technology companies and building a network of people who might work with over your career can be a big boost. As a member of the TechL7 Community, you are joining a group of like-minded people who are growing their professional careers and are willing to help others in their network.

Career plans include access to the TechL7 Community.

Are you ready to start getting the rewards you deserve?

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